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My name is Aaron Chaparian, I'm a songwriter/music producer/audio engineer.  On this website you'll be able to listen to some of my work, read some audio credits for songs/albums I've been a part of, and send messages regarding hiring me for potential projects.  

I have 12 years of experience recording, mixing, mastering, and writing music for different bands, vocalists, musicians. I have a Bachelor's Degree in Music Industry with a minor in Audio Production.  I've also had the opportunity to intern for Grammy Winning audio engineers Marc Urselli and Will Putney.  The knowledge I've been exposed to and the experience I've gained over the past 12 years has allowed me to become an expert in my field and develop a unique perspective on various challenges and opportunities.   



As a professional songwriter, I offer a personalized songwriting service designed to bring your musical vision to life. With a passion for creating impactful songs, I work closely with my clients to understand their musical goals and preferences. Whether you're looking to capture a specific emotion or message, or simply want to create a catchy, memorable tune, I have the skills, creativity, and experience needed to turn your ideas into a memorable piece of music. Throughout my career, I have created hundreds of songs for different artists, musicians, creatives, and vocalists. I specialize in metal/rock music, but I am open to other genres. So if you're looking for a songwriter who can help you turn your musical dreams into reality, look no further. Please listen to my portfolio of songs on the SONGWRITING tab of the website!


As a professional mixing and mastering engineer, I offer a comprehensive audio post-production service to help bring your music to life. My expertise in both mixing and mastering ensures that your tracks will sound polished, balanced, and ready for release. With a keen ear for detail and a deep understanding of modern mixing and mastering techniques, I work closely with my clients to ensure that their music sounds exactly as they envision it. Whether you're a songwriter, producer, or part of a larger band, I have the experience and technical know-how to take your music to the next level. So if you're looking for a mixing and mastering engineer who can deliver exceptional results, look no further. I am here to help you achieve your audio vision. Please check out some of the songs I've mixed/mastered in the CREDITS tab of the website!

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